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SD-WAN: Hype or Not 2017 – August 22 (SiliconANGLE Studios)

 SD-WAN: Hype or Not?

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SD-WAN: Hype or Not?
August 22, 2017
SiliconANGLE Media Studios



Event Details:

It’s not surprising that given the high demand for SD-WAN, the market is already crowded with some 20 vendors, from router incumbents to pure-play start-ups to WAN specialists. All seem to offer the same list of SD-WAN capabilities, from business-policy orchestration to zero-touch provisioning to deployment automation. How can you tell them apart? What are the capabilities that really matter and how can you evaluate and compare?
In this video and demo episode with SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier, Riverbed Product Marketing VP, Josh Dobies, and Vivek Ganti, Technical Marketing Engineer for Riverbed showcase how easy it is to design and deploy distributed networks using Riverbed’s sophisticated, yet simple-to-use SD-WAN solution. They also provide guidance to buyers on what they need to evaluate when comparing SD-WAN solutions.

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